RFC in the Bulkans

BEWARE…typha reeds, swamps, deep water & high adrenaline + winching, driving, full scale recovery action with ground anchors + Twilight Zone ahead @ RFC Balkans 2015 this 16-20 Sept in BULGARIA! The obstacles will challenge everyone to their limits & beyond, similar to what to expect in the mother event RFC in Malaysia – forewarned the RFC organising committee.

However, it’s not only the off-road 4×4 action, it’s also a time to soak into this historic & culturally rich country dating back mid-5th millennium BC + explore the picturesque scenery of the land bordering the Black Sea. For off-road enthusiasts in the region, a chance to be part of the 1st RFC Balkans, the no. 12 event in the calendar of RFC Global Series 2015.

Entry forms from office@rfcbalkans.com.

Pix by RFC Balkans

International queries: fida@rainforest-challenge.com.




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